23 Agosto 2017

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PandorÓ srl - taggia

the company

From the ancient tradition
of Ligurian Master Bakers

Our products come from the ancient tradition of the master bakers of the Argentina Valley who, through the skilful hand-blending of natural Ligurian ingredients, have succeeded in capturing all the flavours of "the earth", in thin strips of crunchy bread. We still use the same procedures and ingredients, working each small piece of our production by hand.

The Company

Our company, in its search to create quality products, has been producing since 1999, using the best raw materials and the most sophisticated production control systems in matters of food safety. The working method followed is,in fact, dictated by the global standard for food safety BRC (British Retail Consortium). The company, some years ago, also added a complete range of organic baked goods to satisfy the most discerning palates of those who, for lifestyle choice, believe in healthy eating and authentic food..
These products are made using the finest organic grains and a delicate extra virgin olive oil. The mixture of these few wholesome ingredients, combined with water, create ciappe (flatbreads) and breadsticks with a simple flavour, unique, delicious and delicate, crisp and soft at the same time.

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